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World Champion Taekwondo Little Tigers

Our Little Tigers’ Program gives preschoolers an introduction to Taekwondo in a fun and exciting environment. Our classes are 30 minutes long and offer continuous opportunities for students to develop their coordination and gross motor skills in a safe and developmentally appropriate manner.

World Champion Taekwondo Children's Taekwondo

Learning Taekwondo has countless mental and physical benefits for children. Taekwondo is a dynamic sport, and each of its many aspects can have a positive impact on a child’s mind, body, school and home life, as well as on their growth and development.

World Champion Taekwondo Teen Taekwondo

Our Teens Program is specially designed to meet the unique needs of today’s teenagers. We offer more challenging circuit training exercises and more rigorous workouts that they are ready to handle while still being mindful of the social aspects of teenaged students.

World Champion Taekwondo Adult Taekwondo

Adult students have the added needs of stress and metabolism issues that come with lifestyle and age. The non-violent nature of Taekwondo movements, combined with light warm-ups and stretching, address these issues; the classes add social interaction that adults need to help them relax and learn better.

World Champion Taekwondo Birthday Parties

Come celebrate your child’s birthday party in a special way with our masters! We keep the kids active and having fun, and parents get to sit back and enjoy the fun.

World Champion Taekwondo Summer Camp

Summer Camp Sessions
IMPORTANT: All summer camp sessions will be held at the Amity World Champion Taekwondo location (152 Amity Road, New Haven, CT 06515).

World Champion Taekwondo

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