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World Champion Taekwondo Children's Programs


Learning Taekwondo has countless mental and physical benefits for children. Taekwondo is a dynamic sport, and each of its many aspects can have a positive impact on a child’s mind, body, school, and home life, as well as on their growth and development.

At World Champion Taekwondo Amity and East Rock, we work our hardest to make sure that each of our students gets the individual attention and dedication that they require from our instructors so that we can instill the best values in them, along with imparting our Taekwondo knowledge to them.


  1. Getting Active
    Helping young kids use their vast amount of energy from an early start builds and promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for kids for their future.
  2. Interaction
    The Children’s program is a great way to get your child to start interacting with other kids in a fun, safe, and exciting environment.
  3. Discipline
    Our classes are the best place for kids to begin to learn how to control their feelings, focus, and the importance of respecting their friends and family.

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