World Champion Taekwondo Teen's Programs

World Champion Taekwondo World Champion Taekwondo Teen's Programs


Our Teens Program is specially designed to meet the unique needs of today’s teenagers. We offer more challenging circuit training exercises and more rigorous workouts that they are ready to handle while still being mindful of the social aspects of teenaged students.

Our Teens’ schedule is mindful of the balance that needs to be maintained between school & family obligations, and a regular workout program. We offer fun fitness and self-defense techniques in an encouraging setting that demands self-control and continually fosters self-esteem. Our program is perfect for teens of all ages and abilities!

World Champion Taekwondo World Champion Taekwondo Teen's Programs


  1. Staying Fit
    Staying fit and having a good exercise schedule is extremely important for today’s teenagers. Our exercise programs combined with Taekwondo classes serve as a fun and rewarding way for teens to incorporate exercise into their busy schedules.
  2. Connections
    It is important for teenagers to not only interact with others, but to build connections, and to cherish them. By joining WOrld Champion Taekwondo of Amity and East Rock, teenage students become part of a large and inclusive family that will support them through their endeavors.
  3. Perseverance
    As teenagers progress into one of the tougher phases of their life, where they will be entering college and preparing for their future, our Taekwondo training will help them learn the importance of never giving up and persevering through all of the obstacles that may come their way.

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